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I would like to tell you about the far-reaching impact of a Rosh Hashanah card and ask for your help in continuing its mission.

Meryl* had not felt much of a connection to the Jewish community for many years. But, in her heart, she still identified very strongly with her Jewish heritage.


One day, out of the blue she reached out to us. She needed advice and support on difficult choices in caring for her ailing husband. We were able to connect her to the proper agencies and to an eldercare consultant who helped her make the right choices.


“What made you think of us? Why Chabad?” I asked Meryl. She responded, “Because I see how you at Chabad care about everyone. You were the one I felt most comfortable talking to about all my issues.”  She needed help and knew that Chabad would be there for her.


A while later, I visited Meryl again to affix a mezuzah to her door. She tearfully said, “Now I feel like my home is a Jewish home.”


Meryl’s husband eventually passed away, and she moved into a nursing facility following the deterioration of her own health. Meryl purchased a plot in an East Haven Jewish cemetery because, she told me, she wanted to be buried with her people.


One day in June, a nurse at the facility called me with sad news: Meryl had passed away, and the graveside service and burial were taking place that day.


I asked her, “How did you know to call me?”  “Well,” said the nurse, “the only decoration in Meryl’s room was a Rosh Hashanah card with a picture of your family. You must have been very important to her.”


So I went.


Unbeknownst to me, the nursing facility had contacted a niece living out of state, Meryl’s only living relative, to make the funeral arrangements. Born Jewish, she chose later in life to convert to Greek Orthodox. And so this niece asked her priest to conduct a Greek Orthodox funeral service for Meryl!

Arriving at the cemetery, I introduced myself to the small group as the local Chabad rabbi and a friend of Meryl’s. Meryl’s niece replied, “Oh, you are the rabbi from the New Year card!” And then she told me that they were waiting for the priest to arrive to start the funeral.


Right then her cell phone rang. It was the priest: he was lost and could not find the cemetery. “Would you be able to officiate?” she asked me. Of course I agreed. And a meaningful, powerful, JEWISH funeral service then followed for Meryl.


It was amazing for me to witness the Divine Providence that allowed Meryl to reach her resting place and be buried as a Jew. Despite all the odds, the Rosh Hashanah card on her empty wall sent an SOS message that was heard. Meryl pinned that card to the wall because she knew that we were there for her.


You were there for her as well. Everything we do, is with your support.

Thanks to you, the friends and supporters of Chabad, the stories continue to unfold. Everyone has a unique story, and here at Chabad we want to hear it.

People walk in to discover family, community, acceptance, and a warm, unconditional welcome. No judgments, no barriers, no strings.


This is true throughout the year, but especially over this month of holidays—Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah.


It is a wonderfully busy time, but it is also costly. We don’t do it alone. We ask you to partner with us in this meaningful work.


Your support creates an extended family that rises above the differences of socio-economic backgrounds, capabilities, political beliefs, and religious affiliation. It can be done! You are doing it here.


The budget for creating this month of intense Jewish community experiences is $18,000.


Can you give $180, $360 or $540 to help all Jews feel welcome and at home? Your gift continues to ensure that the Meryls on the Shoreline have an extended family at Chabad. 


May G-d bless you and yours with a happy, sweet new year. And, of course, we’d love to see you over the holidays!




Rabbi Yossi & Rochel Baila Yaffe
Chabad of the Shoreline

*Names and elements of the story have been changed to protect privacy


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